We are excited to be opening the doors of our school shop once again from 13th April.  If you visited us during the summer you will know we put in place changes to ensure we are Covid-Secure. All are new procedures are below. Please read through our guidelines before visitng the shop.

We are still accepting online orders and these will be processed as quickly as possible. If you have any questions please email or call us.

The Shop is Opening from 13th April

  • Click here for our opening times
  • We have been busy working on our risk assessment to make sure we are COVID-19 secure and both our staff and customers feel safe. Please click here to view our risk assessments.
  • We are working with schools to arrange pop-up shops on the school premises where you will be able to book an appointment to view and purchase items. Once we have more information on this, we will update you. 
  • Our changing rooms will be closed so you will not be able to try items on. 
  • The Government has set out in their guidelines wherever possible shops should limit customers handling products when browsing between items. 
  • We have barriers outside the shop for queuing and you must keep a distance of 2m between you and other customers. 
  • Only one parent/guardian can accompany a child for their uniforms; no other adults or children, including siblings, can come into the shop. This is to ensure social distancing can take place for all customers. 
  • Only 3 customers (where there is a child with a parent/guardian this counts as 1) can be in the shop at any one time. 
  • Black and yellow tape on the floor will signpost the area you can remain in. You cannot move to the next area unless the customer in front of you has moved. There are 3 designated areas in the shop and one is the area by the till. As you enter the shop you must turn right and continue walking in an anti-clockwise direction. 
  • You must wear a face cover in the shop so please do bring one with you. 
  • Hand sanitiser is provided at the shop door; please use on entering and exiting 
  • There is a screen at the till with an area for the card machine to sit. 
  • We strongly recommend using contactless payments where possible; if this isn’t possible please use one of the wipes provided to clean the keypad after use and dispose of this in the bin at the till. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your children socially distance when in the shop; if we feel this isn’t happening, we can ask you to leave. 
  • If you are bringing returns to the shop you will need to queue to enter the shop. If you are exchanging the item, we suggest you find the new item whilst moving through the shop as once at the till it is hard to go back. You will need to hold your returned items up to the staff member behind the till, who will check they are ok. If they need to access them, they will have to wear gloves. You will be asked to put them in a bag and place them in our returns box. A refund or exchange will take place as normal. All our returns are sprayed with fabric disinfectant at the end of the day, left to hang and then put back into stock the following day. 

Please respect that our staff are working in a very different situation to what they have been used to and like all of us have a new normal; we ask that you ensure our guidelines are met. Any abusive behaviours towards staff or other customers will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

If we feel the shop becomes unsafe at any point, we will close it and review our procedures.